5 Advantages of Text Message Marketing

Many forms of marketing exist, but some are more advantageous than others. It is essential that you use those most beneficial to your company to produce the biggest results and greatest success. Text message marketing is one of the types of marketing that you can use to benefit your business. If you seek repeat customers, it may very well be the type of marketing that you’ve been looking for. Text message marketing has many advantages of which five we’ll look at here.

  1. Affordable

Text marketing is one of the most affordable means of marketing around, costing just cents per message sent. You can even order packages and flat rate deals for even more savings.

  1. Instant Engagement

Text message marketing works wonderfully when you want to engage customers with a limited-time or short offer that is available the same day or for only one or two days. For example, offer a deal via text on a slow night at your restaurant.

  1. Flexible

Text message marketing is one of the most affordable forms of marketing out there. You can do with it what no other form of social media allows. Its great flexibility gives you more control over your marketing efforts.

  1. High Open Rate

Text messages are read more frequently than emails! And since people have their phone on them most of the time of the day you can ensure that you reach people quickly and easily.

  1. Easy

It is easy to create ads and campaigns for text message marketing and since only those who want to hear from you ‘opt-in’ you won’t waste time or money reaching out to people without any interest in what you are offering. It is one of the easiest forms of marketing around today.