Who’s in the mood for an eliquid milkshake?

One hardworking copywriter had this thought in mind as he set to work providing his client with relevant information on the habits and virtues of e-smoking. He happens to enjoy a rare chocolate milkshake far more than the multitude of tasteless, poisonous cigarettes he smokes all day long, each and every day of the year, except on those days when he simply cannot afford to. The addictive nicotine in excess habit is extremely expensive.

The habit is so dire that many cash-strapped scribes are prepared to skip meals just so that they can pretend to enjoy their nicotine fix. Fixatedly and quite positively, the eliquid milkshake alternative subdues the nicotine cravings substantially, leading to a much healthier outcome in the sense that the stressed-out workaholic is now smoking a lot less than he used to and indulging himself in far more healthier habits, such as taking a break from his desk and going for a good walk through the park. 


On such peaceful occasions, he is still allowed to take his electronic peace pipe with him. While less potential damage is being done to his lungs and the green park’s atmosphere, no harm is being done to any passersby, particularly those that choose not to smoke, and especially children who need their space in these parks. All addictive habits are difficult to break in any event. Realistically, smokers simply cannot be expected to kick their dangerous habits overnight.

So why not give them a break for a change. Let them have their e-cigarette smoke and enjoy it. Over time, because this is what this peculiar habit does, they will be indulging themselves far less than anticipated. By the time their next flavorful smoke arrives, usually over a number of hours, it is enjoyed all the more and peace prevails.