Shopping List For A New Baby

The first things on your shopping list with a new baby should be the crib, the bedding and sheets, the corner changing table, the crib mattress and then finally your mattress pads. You could also opt for a waterproof cover. The goal of mattress pads and waterproof covers is to keep any accidents your baby might have while sleeping from soiling the entire crib. Layering two pads with two sheets is a nifty trick many parents use in order to keep clean up easy. Once the top layer is soiled, it can simply be removed and washed while the clean bottom layer is there ready for baby again.

Before buying your mattress pads and waterproof covers though, you should first check which dimensions are recommended for your specific crib. This is important because if it’s too small, it will obviously not fit. On the other hand, a mattress pad or waterproof cover that is too big could also be a problem. The problem that it creates is a very dangerous one since it has to do with the safety of your baby. By buying a mattress pad or waterproof cover that is too big, it can potentially become loose. Why is this such a problem? Once your waterproof cover or mattress pad becomes loose, it could pose a suffocation risk for your baby. While there aren’t many recorded cases of this happening, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to babies and their safety.

corner changing table

You should check the safety standards of each item you buy from the corner changing table to the crib itself. Having full knowledge that your baby is safe will put your mind at ease and make it easier to relax and focus on spending time with your baby.